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Why we're here.

Our podcast started as a project to satisfy our craving to help people who need it.  As counselors, both of us work in the addiction treatment field and have helped thousands of people.  While our counseling styles are different, we're both in agreement that true power in life comes from the ability to reframe the mind and shift perspective.


We're proud of the growing community of our listeners, offering their feedback and suggesting future collaborations. If you’d like to join or discuss working together, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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Jeremy Miller

What’s up fam! I’m Jeremy Miller co-host of the betterment bros podcast. A little about me: I’ve been in recovery and in the addiction treatment industry for 11 years and am certified through the state of California.  Most of my professional career has been in supervision, counseling, and business development.  Like Dallas, there are very few things on planet earth that I love more than helping people.  I also live in Santa Cruz and love living here (for the most part). I fill my time with movies/shows, fitness, being an incredibly average golfer, and giving advice to my friends. I’ve counseled thousands of people and I’m super excited for our podcast and the opportunity to bring our message to even more people. .

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Dallas Terrell

What’s up guys, I am Dallas Terrell, co-host of the betterment bros podcast! Quick bio - I am a recovering alcohol and drug addict, 5+ years sober 🤘 I have dedicated my life to helping others take back control of theirs. I live in Santa Cruz and spend my time working out, learning and cherishing the beautiful moments in between. I am a certified alcohol and drug counselor and addiction specialist. I’m also a CrossFit level one trainer! 💪 I’ve spent the last 5 years counseling people of all walks of life and I want to spread the help outward on a bigger scale.

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Jeri Armstrong

A time came in my life when I experienced a super uncomfortable change and I reached out to these guys for advice and they DELIVERED. Not only did they give me solid, tangible tips I could use to feel better about my experience, they encouraged me and inspired confidence in me that I had been struggling with.

Brian Powell

The knowledge and wisdom that both Jeremy and Dallas share is remarkable. There funny relatable and their content is very empowering. It doesn’t matter what you are or aren’t struggling with, you will be so refreshed by the powerful energy that these bro’s will bring into your life.

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